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·        To promote optimum personality development

·        To develop sound mental health and healthy human relations

·        To develop skills in psychological assessment and diagnosis

·        To develop skills in counselling through Positive Therapy

·        To develop skills to conduct research

           All the M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. students are well trained in giving counselling through Positive Therapy. M.Sc. students undergo internship in hospitals twice a week for one year, where they give counselling to patients with cancer, coronary heart disease, essential hypertension etc. Most of them are placed in industries, IT companies, hospitals, counselling centers, schools and colleges. Some are absorbed in the place of their internship and some are self-employed as counsellors.  


·        Stress Inventory (Hemalatha Natesan and Nandini Menon, Revised 2005)

·        Manifest Anxiety Inventory (Hemalatha Natesan and Nandini Menon, 2000)

·        Self Concept Rating Scale (Hemalatha Natesan, 1990)

·        Assertiveness Scale (Hemalatha Natesan, 1990)

·        Emotional Maturity Scale (Hemalatha Natesan, 1989)

·        Free Association Test (Hemalatha Natesan, 1980)

·        Sentence Completion Test (Hemalatha Natesan, 1980)

·        Test on Mental Abilities (Hemalatha Natesan, 1979)


·        Fear

·        Anxiety

·        Anger

·        Stress

·        Inferiority

·        Depression

·        Insomnia 

·        Pain

·        Academic problems

·        Adjustment problems

·        Menstrual problems

·        Pre-marital / marital problems

Counselling Centre

The Department runs a Counselling Centre. The objective of the Counselling Centre is to develop courage, confidence and cheerfulness in the clients and help them face their problems boldly, solve them successfully and lead a happy and peaceful life. Dr. Hemalatha Natesan has evolved an approach to Counselling called, Positive Therapy, which is a combination of the Eastern techniques, based on Yoga and the Western techniques, based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  All the faculty members of the Psychology Department provide Professional Counselling to students and members of the community to help them manage their problems and lead happy lives.