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Department of Hindi

Hindi is our National Language. Education in Hindi helps the students to lead a purposeful and self dependent life. The aim of the department is to develop communication skills, update subject knowledge, make the students aware of current trends in the field of Functional Hindi, Media, Translation, and Literature, Promote multilingual and comparative research to Come out with rich research outputs. Get good placement in Government and non Government Institutions.

Genesis and Growth
  • 1957-Part I Language Hindi for all Majors.
  • 1992-Introduction of Masters Programme in Hindi Journalism.
  • 1994-Double Major Functional Hindi/English.
  • 1997-Introduction of Master of Philosophy Programme.
  • 2004-M.A Hindi and Journalism.
  • 2004-B.A. Functional Hindi.
  • To promote Hindi to non Hindi speaking student & staff community.
  • To prodece competent multilingual professionals to suit to the changing literary and linguistic trends of our country.
  • Produce competent teachers, administrators and entrepreneurs.
  • Produce efficient Hindi officers, journalists, news readers, translators and interpretators.
  • Strengthen advanced research activities.
Thrust Areas
  • Various dimensions of Journalism
  • Media and society
  • Literary and Non Literary Translation
  • New trends in prose forms
  • Feminism in women writers
  • Values depicted in novels
  • Cultural and social values in Bakthi era
  • Humanism in Modern era
  • Study of grammar
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